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Dr. Peter Brockman

Peter Brockman

At the age of 12 years old, I was experiencing breathing difficulties. After visiting several doctors and being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, their only recommendations for treatment were antibiotics and inhaled medications. They granted me temporary relief but my problem was not solved

My mother had been receiving treatment from a chiropractor in downtown Orlando for low back pain. She shared with him my problems. He suggested that she bring me in for a consultation. We had nothing to lose. My first visit was comprised of many different tests and x-rays of my entire spine. On my second visit, the doctor showed me my x-rays. He explained that my breathing problems were caused by my ribs and vertebrae not moving properly because they were misaligned. At each subsequent visit the chiropractor performed very precise adjustments to my spine. After each adjustment, he carefully checked the motion and position of my vertebrae to ensure the proper correction had been made.

After just three short weeks of treatment, I threw away my medications. I was amazed that he cured my problem by only using his hands. I had always wanted to become a doctor, but at the age of 12, I knew my destiny was to become a chiropractor! Dr. Brockman also works for the Orlando Solar Bears professional Hockey team as the team chiropractor.

After completing high school at West Orange, I attended the University of South Florida where I received my 4 year degree in Microbiology. I then attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in California for another 4 years where I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I am also a graduate of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego where I received advanced certification for the treatment and diagnosis of whiplash associated disorders and brain traumatology . Before opening in Clermont, I practiced for 5 years in a very successful practice in South Orlando.

I am a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, Manufacturers Association of Central Florida, and the South Lake Rotary Club. Also, I am certified to treat workers compensation injuries and have served as a consultant to several Central Florida businesses in regards to their worker’s compensation practices.

I am a chiropractor that focuses on and listens to your needs. I promise that I will carefully examine and treat you with the same precision and expertise as the doctor that changed my life. Many thanks to my now retired chiropractor.

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