Often you cannot see a car accident coming, but when you do and are unable to get out of the way, follow these steps to help prevent injury:

Push your head back into the seat rest. Pushing your head back will protect your neck from a hyper extension injury (head bent backwards). Also, it will slow down the hyper flexion (head bent forward) of your neck as your car slows down from the impact.
Push down on the break. Holding the break down will increase the friction between your car and the pavement. This will keep your acceleration down following the impact. Remember, acceleration after the impact is the main factor that causes injury. It will also keep you from colliding with another car or being pushed into oncoming traffic.
Exhale – you want to be exhaling at the time of impact. Exhalation will allow the air to escape from your lungs and decrease the pressure on your chest as it is pushed into the seat belt. Also, if you are breathing out, you will not inhale the toxic fumes of the air bag.
Cover your face with hands. Keeping your hands on the wheel exposes them to injury by blunt force or from the airbag’s ejection. Using them to cover your face will keep loose objects inside your car from striking and injuring your eyes or face.
Keep your dash/center console clear. Try to keep your dash/center console clear – keep your phone in your pocket. Loose objects can cause injury