Ginger and Turmeric Slushy

It is normal for our bodies to go through the process of inflammation following exercise and trauma. In fact, your body needs inflammation to repair cartilage, muscle, ligaments and bones to heal properly. With this uncomfortable but necessary process comes pain and discomfort so the question is:
What can I do for the discomfort?
Most anti-inflammatory medications inhibit the enzymes that cause inflammation, inhibiting your body’s natural healing process. These anti-inflammatory medications provide only short term relief and do not offer any long term relief benefit. Most people are better off with something that will support the body’s natural healing process.
This recipe does just that. It supports the healing process, while suppressing some of the pain and discomfort that comes with it.
Ginger contains volatile oils that evaporate at room temperature. These oils help to complete the natural inflammation healing process, this is the unpleasant bite that you taste. That burn you feel indicates the presence of natural oil.
Turmeric has potassium needed for muscle relaxation and potent anti-oxidants called curcumins. When curcumin and sequiterpenses are combined, they can stimulate your body’s natural suppression of cancer in the body.

Although pineapple sweetens the concoction, it also has a compound called bromelain which is a proteolytic enzyme which breaks down proteins that cause inflammation after their job is complete. Pineapple is also great for wound healing and has anti-tumor activities.

Throw these ingredients into one smoothie and you get natural relief without thwarting your bodies natural healing process.

1 Whole Pineapple: WITH CORE
1 Ginger Root (about the size of your hand)
1 tbsp of Turmeric powder
2 cups of ice
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of black pepper
Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until it turns into the consistency of a slushy. Strain and collect the liquid discard the pulp. Keep a pitcher covered in the refrigerator and serve one glass a day.
If it burns your mouth some: IT’S WORKING! This tells you that the oils have not evaporated. If you absolutely must make it more tolerable, you may add two tablespoons of raw honey.

For the video of Dr. Brockman demonstrating just how to do it click here.

Contraindications: do not consume this smoothie if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, bleeding gums, blood in urine, gallstones, or bile obstruction.