Heart Attack Symptoms

Having a rib misalignment can be one of the most excruciating feelings one could experience. The pain can range from a pinching or achy feeling, to a sharp stabbing sensation, like a twisting knife deep within your mid back whenever you inhale. However, sometimes, the pain can run around to your chest, arms and neck. This complication can appear to be identical to a heart attack, or myocardial infarction (MI). This can be a terrifying experience for patients. The desired course of action for patients experiencing MI symptoms should be to contact paramedics as soon as possible. However, if your doctor confirms that you were not having a heart attack, and you are still having chest pain coupled with arm and next discomfort then your next thought should be to find a chiropractor near you to take a look at your rib cage structure and see if you have a rib out of place causing your symptoms.

General Rib Cage Anatomy

Your ribs are a series of twelve curved bones that are connected to your spine. Starting from the top, the first seven are called true ribs or sternal ribs, because these seven are connected to your sternum on your ventral (front) side as well as your spine. The remaining 5 are considered false ribs or floating ribs because they are not connected to your sternum, but only connected to your thoracic vertebrae on your dorsal (back) side. The rib cage plays three important roles: respiration, support and protection. When you take a deep breath in, your rib cage raises and expands, giving room to the expanding lungs of which they surround.

Asthma Symptoms

If you have a misaligned rib head, which is the end of the rib bone that connects with the vertebrae on your spine, the rib cage could either have trouble expanding and contracting, experience pain when inhaling or both. The misalignment can also lead to irritation of the intercostal nerves (nerves in between the ribs) that innervate the muscles of the rib cage, which may induce coughing. If you can imagine, having a misaligned rib head could hinder your breathing, lead to coughing and also pain in your rib cage area. To the uninformed opinion, these could be very convincing signs of asthma. In fact, this has nothing to do with asthma, but instead has everything to do with a misalignment. All of which could have been caused by something as simple as lifting weights improperly. That which can be treated with a couple of easy adjustments could have been mistakenly treated with expensive medication for the rest of your life.


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