EMS and Ultrasound are considered passive therapies to help a patient overcome symptoms from a recent trauma. Most commonly for injuries sustained in an automobile crash or sports injury.

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation and it does just that- causes muscle contraction by using small amounts of electrical current. This therapy can feel like a tingling sensation, but can induce strong muscle contraction depending on the machine settings and desired effects. During therapeutic use it reduces tissue inflammation, muscle spasms and pain signals. It also increases circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Ultrasound is used in the medical field for many different purposes, in our office it is used as therapeutic ultrasound. It works by stimulating the tissue with high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are absorbed mostly by higher density tissue such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage. During use the patient can feel a warming sensation over the treated area because of the ultrasound being absorbed and an increased blood flow.