I’ll start by saying that I could have used chiropractic treatment long before I was introduced to it. I had been experiencing episodes of severe neck pain every six months or so, beginning in high school. I would just wait it out until I felt better, avoiding the movements that caused the pain. Towards the end of college I woke up one morning with neck pain that was the worst pain yet, almost every motion caused intense stabbing neck pain… It was time to do something about it.

Not knowing where to go, I decided to start with my PCP. He looked at me with palma puzzled demeanor and somehow simultaneously like I was crazy. He would ask why I couldn’t move my neck, I would tell him I was in pain, he would then ask why I was in pain, and I would answer I don’t know.  This conversation repeated itself several frustrating times. He obviously had no answers for me. No diagnosis. No treatment recommendations. And worst of all, there was no explanation as to why I was in so much pain. The neck pain subsided over the next few weeks, but I dreaded the thought of having another inevitable flare-up.

Fast forward three months, my brother asks if I want to visit the chiropractor with him to watch him get adjusted. I had no idea what a chiropractor was, so my curiosity led me to agreeing. My brother was a fairly healthy person with no painful symptoms. The chiropractor we visited used muscle testing as an outcome measure, among other things. I watched as a hesitant and slightly weak muscle became strong after the adjustment. The chiropractor explained the relationship between joint dysfunction and nerve irritation and how the adjustment can correct the problem. The doctor went on to explain that there can be dysfunction in the body long before painful symptoms develop. I was amazed by the effect a chiropractic adjustment can have on the body. That’s all it took- I became a patient, and then an intern at the office, and soon after that I started chiropractic school.

To finish where I had begun, I have not had a single episode of severe neck pain since becoming a chiropractic patient! And now as a chiropractor, I enjoy treating and helping patients myself.