“I was inspired to become a chiropractor at the age of 12.  I was a member of the wrestling team at Lakeview middle school for about six months when I started to develop difficulty breathing.  My mother took me to our family physician who diagnosed me with chronic bronchitis.  The medical treatment at the time was antibiotics and inhaled medication.  However, medication would only temporarily relieve my symptoms.  When asked, the doctor explained that this was something that just happened to kids my age and I needed to keep taking medication order to control my symptoms.  She said “someday will just grow out of it.”  The persistent worsening nature of my symptoms and dependency on medication was a source of concern for my mother and me.  One day, she mentioned this to her chiropractor, Dr. Richard Badzinski, who suggested to her that she may want to bring me in for evaluation.  My mother’s response was typical, she could not understand what a chiropractor could possibly due for me considering I had breathing problems not back pain.  Dr. Badzinski assured my mother that my breathing problems may be due to a structural misalignment in my body and there was a possibility he could help.  My mother, hopeful yet cautious, agreed.  Dr. Badzinski performed a thorough evaluation much like my family physician.  He paid special attention to my spine and nervous system, testing my range of motion, reflexes, muscle strength, posture and coordination.  Then, he took x-rays of my entire spine.  Finally, he sent home explaining that he must study the information he obtained.  On my second visit I remember my x-rays hanging on a giant view box with several marks and angles measured on my x-rays to indicate the location of my misalignments.  He explained that my breathing problems were most likely not chronic bronchitis, rather they were a result of my ribs and vertebra not moving properly due to their misalignment.  The collective result of these misalignments was a rib cage that did not function properly.  He explained that the vertebra and ribs must be placed into their proper position if the cause of my breathing problems were to ever be addressed.  He recommended a short course of chiropractic adjustments to fix the misalignment’s and told me if I plan to continue playing contact sports than I should keep up with some monthly maintenance adjustments in order to keep this type of problem from occurring again.  We agreed and started treatment.

The treatment given to me was very involved.  Each visit Dr. Badzinski would have my x-rays hanging on his view box so he could see exactly where the misalignment’s were in my spine.  He would carefully find these misalignment’s on each visit and give me precise adjustments.  Then, carefully checking the motion and position of these vertebra after each adjustment, he would ensure the proper correction had been made.  He explained that all chiropractors should take special care to be as precise as possible otherwise, the adjustment would be of no benefit to the patients.  After three weeks of this treatment I threw my inhaler when garbage never to use it again!  I was able to participate in sports all through high school and college without any breathing difficulties.

As you can imagine I was inspired not just from the wonderful results that my chiropractor had achieved with his adjustments, I was impressed with the technical skill and analytical process involved in properly adjusting spine.  I was fascinated by the fact that chiropractors have such a profound effect on the patient lives without the use of drugs are performing surgery.  I knew then I would become a chiropractor.

Now it is 30 years later and I have been blessed to have the best job in the world for the past 17 years.  I would like to offer an invitation to all those in need of a chiropractor that will spend quality one-on-one time with each of his patients.  A chiropractor that carefully examines his patients with the same precision and expertise that inspired him to become a chiropractor.