The Orlando Solar Bears professional hockey season begins in October of this year. Professional ice hockey is a highly competitive and extremely physical contact sport. Needless to say injuries are a normal part of play. Dr. Peter Brockman, of South Lake Wellness & Injury Center, has been chosen to be one of the team’s chiropractors.
“Chiropractors play an important part of a professional hockey team’s medical staff,” states Orlando Solar Bears head coach, Drake Berehowsky. “Without chiropractic, I would have not been able to return to playing hockey after my third knee surgery.” Berehowsky is also a 13 year veteran of the NHL.

“Professional athletes require special attention to keep them healthy enough to compete. With regards to hockey players, the key areas that get injured are low backs, necks, elbows, and wrists,” says Dr. Brockman. He has experience in treating all of these areas. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to treat the Orlando Solar Bears professional hockey team. I have been an athlete my entire life and have a lot of respect for these guys. When I get the opportunity to treat professional athletes, it allows me to gain a level of experience that otherwise would be very difficult to come by.”

In addition to treating professional hockey players, Dr. Brockman has experience in treating many other athletes of all ages and skill levels. Including, water skiers, motor sport racers, triathletes, MMA fighters, baseball and football players. His most recent experiences with many of the Summer Olympic Track athletes has been very rewarding.
“Treating the track athletes was an important experience for me. I have been able to take this experience and put it to use when treating all of my other patients. One area that I have been able to gain a significant amount of experience on is treating the lower extremities including ankles, knees, hips, and feet. All of these areas have joints that can get slightly misaligned and cause biomechanical dysfunction. A biomechanical dysfunction in one of these areas can cause pain in areas of the spine and vice versa. I can see the effects of this dysfunction on professional athletes magnified tenfold. Now, when a regular patient visits me, I am thinking about any biomechanical dysfunctions too. My experience treating the track athletes has been quite valuable and my patients are the primary beneficiaries,” states Dr. Brockman.

“I am so excited that I was chosen to be one of the chiropractors for the Orlando Solar Bears. We are looking forward to a great season.”

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