What Can Clermont Chiropractic Care Do for Me?

Chiropractic care offers a variety of benefits for your health. From treating symptomatic pain resulting from injuries, to preventative healthcare aimed at keeping you from getting sick or hurt in the first place, there is something good that chiropractic care can do for your health.

A number of different options are available for treating a wide variety of pains and injuries. Chiropractic adjustments can help you unlock your body’s own natural healing abilities and alleviate pain. As a key Clermont chiropractic provider, South Lake Wellness and Injury Center is dedicated to helping find what benefits chiropractic care may offer for you.

Preventative Care: A Step Ahead

By using chiropractic care, you can prevent injuries from getting worse or prevent them from happening in the first place. When a portion of your spine or various joints in your body are out of alignment, they create pressure and strain on the nerves passing through that area of your body. This can cause pain in one or more regions that emanate from that area.

In some cases, a misalignment in one location can affect the nerves that travel to a further location where pain is eventually felt. For instance, a problem in your shoulder could very well be caused by something amiss in your neck or upper spine. Even though a certain area may be hurting, the cause could be located somewhere else in your body. By creating good spine alignment, you can correct many different chronic problems that result from misalignment.

The human body has a great natural ability to heal itself without assistance from medications or steroids. By establishing and maintaining ideal alignment within your body, you can naturally boost your inherent healing potential. This can heal injuries faster, create more flexibility or alleviate longstanding discomfort which was previously unmanageable.

Chiropractic regularly outperforms all other methods of back pain treatment. This includes prescription medication, deep tissue massage, yoga, Pilates, and over-the-counter medication therapies. For patients seeking simple, effective, safe pain management, Chiropractic care offers many solutions for you and your health.

It is estimated that Doctors of Chiropractic treat over 27 million patients, adults and children, ever year. You can see your Clermont chiropractic professional to address any of these situations or concerns:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Persistent soreness or discomfort
  • Well-being assessment
  • Posture correction
  • Alignment and nervous system maintenance
  • Flexibility discrepancies
  • Uneven alignment of hips and torso
  • Headaches and neck pains

With the wide variety of care options and treatments available, chiropractic care has something to offer everyone. A 2010 review by the ACA (the American Chiropractic Association) suggests that spinal manipulation achieves equal or superior improvement in pain and function. This is when compared to other common intervention methods for short, intermediate and long term pain management and rehabilitation.

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Injuries: Treatment and Rehabilitation

As chronic back conditions continue to rise (in the last decade, the occurrence of spinal fusions alone have risen 500%) Doctors of Chiropractic are becoming the primary care approach for treatment, prevention and risk management. This helps minimize the need for invasive, potentially dangerous treatments further down the line.

In addition to chronic conditions, injuries from sports or vehicle accidents produce a shock to the system and can often create misalignments in spinal structure. This can, in turn, damage nerves moving through and between the bones of the spine and other areas of the body. Chiropractic care can begin treating these symptoms early, addressing current pain and taking steps to prevent any exacerbation of current misalignments. Clermont chiropractic patients seek treatments for many of these injuries regularly.

Take neck strain, sometimes called whiplash, for instance. Whiplash is caused by an impact or blow that causes the head to jerk forward or backwards. This can create an intense strain on the neck that tears muscles and tendons. While often associated with car accidents, whiplash may occur in contact sports like football or soccer.

Even though you may feel little or no discomfort or pain initially, the full effects of whiplash may not be felt until up to 48 hours after the incident. This is sometimes too long after the fact to report injuries for most insurance purposes. It is a common misconception that no long-term injury can occur from a car accident. Evidence suggests that car accidents can cause persistent problems to health. By taking the proper steps in managing immediate causes and discomfort, long-term pain and mobility issues can be treated or prevented entirely.

Fortunately, chiropractic is one of the most effective treatments for whiplash. Injuries from accidents are easy to locate and begin treating. In ideal circumstances, perhaps no care is needed. However, should Clermont chiropractic patients require care, we can begin right away to manage current issues and prevent any increase in injury.

Chiropractic maintains a strong safety record when compared to steroids, medications and surgery. As a result, Doctors of Chiropractic pay significantly lower rates for insurance, which can in turn mean a more affordable care path for you.

Satisfaction: Health and Piece of Mind

There are many stories and testimonials available to illustrate the ways chiropractic care has helped with a varieties of pains and injuries. By providing patient-centered, individual approaches to each situation, Clermont chiropractic providers are able to offer greater communication and interactions with their clients. For this reason, chiropractic patients consistently report a higher percentage of satisfaction when compared to medical doctors.

In addition, a recent study showed that treatment through a Doctor of Chiropractic could cost up to 20% less than seeking assistance through an MD.  So while both safe and effective, chiropractic adjustments may also be the most financially savvy decision for you and your long term or temporary care.

We would love to talk with you to explore what chiropractic care can do for you and your body. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an assessment and begin taking your health into your own hands.