The blood consists of oxygen carrying red blood cells (RBCs). In order for the organs in your body to receive the oxygen they require to survive, the RBC’s that give them the oxygen must be equipped with iron. Iron is a mineral that is introduced to your body only through the foods you eat and the supplements you intake; you do not naturally produce iron. Consequentially, blood loss equates to loss of iron, and the only way to replace that loss of iron is by eating iron rich foods and/or supplements.

However, Iron Deficiency Anemia could be diagnosed in a patient despite them eating a diet with sufficient iron. This phenomenon is due to a deficiency of iron re-absorption in the intestines. When you eat iron it goes through your intestines and needs to be properly absorbed in order for your blood cells to finally receive said iron. If you have an issue with the absorption process, iron may have a hard time getting to your RBCs, no matter how much iron is in the foods in your diet.

Iron Deficiency Anemia can cause symptoms that range from something as minor as muscle fatigue to something major such as an enlarged heart. If you feel that you may be iron deficient I recommend you get a complete blood count (CBC) and confirm with your doctor that you are in fact iron deficient. Given this confirmation, you should add iron rich foods such as poultry, seafood, beans, dark leafy greens, and iron rich supplements to your diet. If these modalities of treatment do not solve the iron deficiency, it could be a clear sign that the issue does not lie with lack of iron in your diet, but with the ability to absorb your iron. This sub-par iron absorption could be correlated with a subluxation, which is a misalignment in your spinal vertebrae that causes an issue in your body. This is because your digestion and absorption is controlled by a network of nerves called the parasympathetic nervous system (PN). Because the PN’s origin is located near the upper level of your cervical spine, the cause of this malabsorption could be tied to a cervical misalignment. Thankfully chiropractic offers a simple solution for cervical subluxations and may be your saving grace when you find yourself with digestive issues such as malabsorption.

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