Question: “do you have a good regimen to help prevent carpal tunnel and my right wrist?”

This is very interesting question for the doctor. Most of the questions that I get involved the treatment of the specific condition. However, in this instance the patient is interested in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. In order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome we have to understand what causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Innocence carpal tunnel syndrome results in pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a space that is created by the carpal bones (The small bones in the wrist) on one side and the flexor retinaculum (A sick tendinous band on the inside of the rest just under the skin.) on the other side. e. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when either of these structures become inflamed and these intern compress the median nerve.


An easy way to tell if you have carpal tunnel syndrome is to tap your wrist just below the transverse crease ( the deep line that separates your palm and wrist.) most people with carpal tunnel syndrome will experience a sharp tingling sensation into their thumb index finger and middle finger. Another tale tale sign of carpal tunnel syndrome is atrophy ( wasting)of the thenar eminence ( the fat part of your hand by your thumb. it is important to make the distinction between carpal tunnel syndrome and simple wrist pain. Not all people with wrist pain have carpal tunnel syndrome.Now, let’s talk about preventing it. Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually a result of overuse of the flexor compartment of your wrist. Or, in other words overuse of the muscles that allow you to make a fist. A good preventative strategy is to strengthen the extensor compartment of the rest or, in other words the muscles that allow you to open your hand.

My usual recommendations to patients is to put a rubber band around your fingers and to simply open it. If you use a lot of keyboards at work. Then you are probably pacing the underside of your wrist against a hard surface. Try to be careful not to do this for too long or use a soft gel pad under your wrists to keep your wrists out of the flexed position and more straight. There are some wonderful ergonomic keyboards out there that assist you and keeping your wrists straight and not flexed. Another good strategy to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to sit in the 90, 90, 90 position. In other words, sit up straight keep your shoulders at 90°, elbows at 90° and back at 90° also, make sure that your monitor is directly in front of you with the center of the screen in the center of your games.

As strange as it seems another good strategy to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is to look at your diet. Often our diets containing foods that promote inflammation like sugar and trans fat and foods that contain too much grain products. Green product’s contain a lot of omega six fatty acids. Omega six fatty acids eventually turn into the biochemical precursors of inflammation. Conversely green leafy vegetables and fruits and fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids eventually turn into the chemical precursors that suppress inflammation. Your omega 62 omega-3 fatty acid ratio should be 3 to 1. Otherwise you’re shifting the balance of essential fatty acids inside your body towards inflammation. If you think that you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. Have yourself evaluated by a qualified physician.

Chiropractors that do work with the extremities are particularly qualified in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome with Yelp to use of drugs and surgery. The typical treatments from the chiropractor for carpal tunnel syndrome include extremity adjusting, therapeutic exercises, and changes to lifestyle and diet.

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