Here is a story of one of my patients. I think it is important for people to read because this is a recurring theme. Often a patient of mine gets injured and then get caught up with an unscrupulous attorney and doctor:

I was in a bad truck accident so I called a friend that I have known for years who is a personal injury attorney. He sent me to a chiropractor that was different than the one that has taken care of me for years. This  new chiropractor was happy to see me but gave me the same exact treatment every day for months. My pain got worse yet the chiropractor did not order an MRI nor were any other tests run that could explain why my pain was getting worse. When I spoke to my attorney about this, he just assured me that all was well and that I should just follow the directions of the chiropractor. After a few months the chiropractor told me that I was done treating because my insurance benefits were exhausted.  I finally went back to my original chiropractor who has taken care of me for years. However, I had to pay cash because my personal injury insurance money was gone. He promptly ordered an MRI and discovered that I had a disc herniation in my low back that was pinching on the nerves in my back and causing my pain. I had to be sent to a pain management doctor and finally a surgeon. My original chiropractor explained that he could have given me spinal decompression therapy when the injuries were new. Spinal decompression is a non surgical treatment for disc injuries. I ended up having surgery on my low back. The pain has improved but I can not do the things that I used to enjoy. I changed attorneys and the case is still in litigation.

The first call you should make in the event of a car accident is our office (your chiropractor that has treated you before). I know more about your neck and back than anyone. I am the ONLY person that can testify about the state of your spine prior to an injury. This is important when determining whether your injuries are from the accident or if they were there before.  Also, I have proven my expertise before and I will help you again. If you need an attorney to represent you, I know the best of the best. Don’t pick an attorney because he is a friend. Your friend does not have to prove his value to you like I have.

Some chiropractors care too much about making money. This means that you are going to get diagnostic testing after all of the insurance money is used up. Don’t submit to treatment until after the treatment plan has been explained and you have been told what the expected outcome is. If your treatment goals are not being met, then further testing should be ordered while insurance money is still available. Your doctor should not treat you unless he has a clear understanding of your condition. Don’t assume he has your best interest in mind.

Have you or someone you care about been injured in a car accident? Do you feel that you are in need of professional advice? We are here to help. If I am not the right treatment option for you, I will send you to someone who is.

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