Many of us have been tricked into thinking we can not sustain permanent injury from a car accident.Unfortunately, this misconception has led to unnecessary pain and suffering. Several years of science and research has shown us that any car accident has the potential of causing a problem that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Even what may seemingly be a “minor” accident can cause damage. Consider this: If your car is stopped and someone hits you while moving at 5 mph your neck and head are accelerated from zero to 5 mph in a few milliseconds. As a result of this rapid acceleration, the muscles and ligaments in your neck are rapidly stretched way beyond their normal length to the point of biomechanical failure.Picture this: a 20 lb. weight is tied to a piece of string. If the weight is gently lowered, the string can hold it. But, when that weight is dropped the string breaks. In this same way, the supporting fibers of your spine can be damaged. Believe me, this will cause problems.

Here’s the good news. According to The British Journal of Medicine, Chiropractic is the only effective treatment for whiplash (1). Injuries from a car accident are quite simple to detect. After an examination and x-rays, we can determine if you need prompt attention. If you require treatment from another specialist, I can give you a referral. Or, you may be fine and need no care at all. My feeling is it is better to be safe than sorry. So the choice is yours, you can have your spine checked immediately when it is quite easy to correct. Or you can wait for it to become a painful problem.

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