chiropractorEvery Clermont Chiropractor will tell you that chiropractic care has a number of benefits. Instead of just taking their word for it, we’ve compiled research explaining just how chiropractic care can help a multitude of different ailments.

Back Pain

A study of 222 patients with lower back pain reported that the patients had 4x improved function than before visiting their local chiropractor. While 80% of the American population suffers from lower back pain, a number of pharmaceutical companies have targeted specific products to the relief of symptoms without correcting the underlying issue: the joints, bones, muscles and connecting tissue.

The vertebra takes wear and tear in our daily lives, from sitting at a desk all day, or lifting and moving objects. Whatever life throws at you, your back takes the brunt of the damage.

An alignment manipulates your spine to release gasses trapped in your joints, effectively releasing you from pain. This high-velocity thrust is the most commonly recognized treatment of chiropractic medicine. However there are a number of times when this alignment is not appropriate, such as when muscles are too tense to be manipulated. A good Chiropractor can and will acknowledge what treatment will work best for you.


Headaches are caused by a chemical interruption in your system that results in tension forming at the base of your skull that can form migraine headaches. A quick search for studies of chiropractic relief of headaches returned over 240 articles and studies on Pub Med, the US National Library of Medicine.

In one case, a woman had debilitating headaches for over 11 months. After a 6-week course of chiropractic treatment (5 visits), she reported that her headaches were gone. Based on a number of cases like this and a larger study, the Journal of Manipulation and Physiological Therapeutics suggests that migraine and headaches can be relieved through proper chiropractic treatment.

Better Agility

Sports teams have been embracing the use of chiropractors for ages. In 2002, 31% of NFL teams employed an on-staff chiropractor to treat their players. Today, all 32 NFL teams have an official team chiropractor.

This doctor usually travels with the team, treating them on game days to loosen up their muscles and joints, as well as during the game to quickly address any issue from an aggressive contact. Some pro-footballers have praised their chiropractor for not only quickly addressing injuries, but ensuring that they can stay on the field.

Hypertension & Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that an atlas vertebra (or C1) misalignment can result in high blood pressure. For the one-third of Americans diagnosed with hypertension as a result of high blood pressure, the fact that a simple realignment could reduce this is great news.

A study by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) found that 8 weeks after treatment, patients who underwent C1 adjustment treatments, and were not on medication, had significantly lower blood pressure than the sample group. The average drop of these patients was 14 mmhg systolic blood pressure, and eight mmhg diastolic blood pressure.

Soft Tissue Damage

Anyone recovering from a car accident can tell you how painful whiplash is. Muscle and joint pain due to the sudden impact, tensing of the muscles, and jerking of your body can go undetected until after you’ve left the scene. Chiropractors also employ some holistic methods that focus on the alignment of your bones and neurological system.

wellness-painAcupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy can be applied as pain management therapy alongside regular adjustments so that you can get back to your life without focusing on the pain.

Massage Therapy also optimizes the health and well-being of your muscular, nervous and circulatory systems to relieve pain and correct the damage caused by the accident.

Furthermore, muscles and connective tissue can easily be strained or come out of place by improper use and life’s wear and tear. Corrective exercises specialized to your body type and injury can be taught by a chiropractor for continued self-care and to ensure that you are healing properly.

Overall Wellness

Chiropractors are not a one-stop shop. As mentioned above, there are a number of different services that can be customized to your specific injury or problem. Traditional medicine has overlooked the link between your diet and the intricacies of your body. Understanding how certain lifestyle and dietary changes can make you feel all around better can ensure that you are living your best life.
Sleep Disorders

The CDC reports that between 50-70 million American adults have sleep or wakefulness disorders that result in being unable to concentrate, remember things, and affects performance at work.

Of course, a proper mattress, pillow, nighttime routine, and diet can result in a better night’s’ sleep, but often a pinched vertebra can relay a fight or flight instinct to your brain that prevents you from getting a full REM sleep.

Instead of relying on sleeping pills that can be dangerous if used improperly and leave you feeling drowsy in the morning, a proper vertebra alignment can help you sleep better. Correcting subluxations in your vertebra can resolve the problem instead of putting a temporary band-aid on it.


Much of chiropractic medicine focuses on relieving tension on the joints, which is exactly where arthritis attacks. Adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and cold laser therapy can all be employed to relieve pain and stretch out your joints. A chiropractor can suggest the best range-of-motion and strengthening exercises to increase your muscle tone and improve flexibility.

Furthermore, a licensed Clermont Chiropractic clinic can ensure the correct massage therapy techniques are employed to give you the most arthritis relief possible.

If you’ve found yourself suffering from any of the above ailments, feel stiff in your day-to-day motions, and have been questioning whether a Clermont Chiropractic clinic can assist in your recovery, get in touch with us and we’ll help you through every stage of your recovery. At the South Lake Wellness & Injury Center, we’re always happy to answer questions and work with you to customize your overall wellness plan.